„Bonsai is our passion. We offer you a variety of bonsai plants, mainly wild Cretan olive trees, each unique in shape and form. In our greenhouse we cultivate and shape them with our experience of many years and a lot of patience. The bonsai is ready for sale when potted in one of our handmade ceramic bowl.
On request we offer workshops for beginners as well as for advanced students.
Well, are you on Crete? Visit us in our gallery, we are happy to see you!"

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The Olivetree

In mythology the olive tree is the symbol of freedom, wisdom, happiness and satisfaction, and stands for a long life. You can read all about it in books of different aspects, such as religion and history.
During the long span of growth from a seedling to a mature olive tree, a deep relationship and bond develops between the human being and the tree, where you can find peace and harmony - a gift from the goddess Minerva to humans.