Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions to our Bonsais, the dispatch, the care and also general questions to our gallery, see also "About us" .

How often do I have to water my bonsai?

The soil of the bonsai must never dry up! However, your bonsai tree should not swim in water. Our bowls have enough holes in the bottom, so excess water can drain off. Of course it depends on the climate and where the bonsai is placed. In summer daily watering is necessary also if the bonsai is placed in a heated room during the winter. By observing your tree daily you will get a feel for its water needs. The soil should still be slightly moist when you water it again.

Why do the roots of my bonsai begin to die (rot)?

This problem mostly occures, when the bonsai is put on a saucer. The irrigation water, which is too much for the soil, can leave the bonsai bowl, but is collected in this saucer and thus the roots of your tree lay in stagnant water. Please water less (by this I don't mean the frequency, but the amount of water) and avoid this waterlogging!

How often and with what should I fertilize my olive bonsai?

Each of your bonsai purchases at our house includes our Bonsai fertilizer. You can reorder it at our shop any time. Our high-quality fertiliser mixtures can be found under accessories. By each purchase you will also receive precise dosage instructions for our in-house fertiliser. In the growing period, i. e. in spring and summer, fertilizer is added to the soil 1 - 2 times a month, while in autumn and winter very sparingly. Approximately once every 2 Months, depending on the tree.

What are the shipping costs of a bonsai?

This depends on the size and weight of the package. The fastest and cheapest transport is the following: once a month a transport is sent from our gallery to Germany to the business location of the transport company. Each kg transported costs € 2.20. From there the parcel is forwarded by DHL. You can read more about this under Terms . When sending a bonsai, packaging costs for the handmade wooden box which protects the bonsai from the transport, are incurred. All other products of our gallery are free of packaging costs.

Do I have to dip the bonsai regularly in a water bath and spray the leaves with water?

If the tree is watered regularly, an immersion bath is not necessary. If the soil happens to be completely dry, an immersion bath is the best solution (fill a plastic bowl with water and place the bonsai in the bowl, the soil should be covered with water, after about 3 minutes remove the bonsai again). It is also not necessary to spray the leaves, as the water is absorbed by the roots.

When do I have to repot the bonsai?

A default answer is unfortunately not possible here! The best repotting time is of course in spring. During this period you should check the roots of your bonsai, possibly cutting back the fine hair roots. Repotting into a slightly larger bowl is only necessary every 3 - 5 years, depending on the age of the tree. The roots of an young tree grow and develop much faster than the ones of an old Bonsai, therefore a bowl change has to happen more often.

When I was on Crete last autumn, I bought your own olive oil, can I order it from you here?

We will be happy to send you our native sun gold extra. Please feel free to find the information about our certified extra native organic Sungold under "About us", the shipping costs are listed in the "terms".
Further information can be found on our website:

How can I tell if the earth of my bonsai has dried up?

You can imagine the earth of your bonsai like a sponge. If you water the bonsai and the water gets immediately absorbed, the inside of the earth is still moist. However, if the water remains on the surface and takes some time to be absorbed, the soil has dried out.